What is the Best Stock Market Right Now?

What is the Best Stock Market Right Now?

It’s no secret that the presumption heading into 2022 was that the pace of global economic growth would pick up speed this year. As a result, several analysts have chosen dynamic sectors and recovery-prone industries as their top stock recommendations.

Nevertheless, the first few months of 2022 proved that idea to be true. Experts are optimistic yet practical when it comes to predicting the best stock market for 2022. Admittedly, even the best-performing ones never rise linearly. So, what actually is the best stock market to invest in right now? Here are some of our picks.


Right now, Disney has a market value of $238.2 billion which definitely makes it probably the best stock market at the moment. The epidemic had the potential to be Disney’s ruin. For months, its theme parks were shuttered or had restricted capacity. Its film industry was doomed from the start. The cancellation of most professional sports events for months threw ESPN’s sports programming business into disarray.

But then came Disney+ and suddenly, things started looking better. Disney+ is still developing as Netflix’s most formidable rival and its movie industry is resurgent. The communication stock is currently trading at a small discount to where it was just before the epidemic started. Disney’s dominion, on the other hand, has only increased since then. As a result, Disney is one of the greatest stocks to invest in this year.


Uber Technologies has a market value of $62.5 billion making it worth taking into consideration as the best stock market to buy at the moment. The ride-sharing network connects passengers and drivers in 63 countries and 750 markets and it is slowly developing and evolving. In the third quarter of 2021, Uber achieved a significant accomplishment by earning a profit for the first time. Even though profits per share are still expected to be negative in 2022, the stock still has a Buy recommendation. It’s also worth noting that the stock might trade at $55 in the following 12 months.


The famous Chinese giant called Alibaba Group has a market value of $268.1 billion and is worth investing in, even after the decline it witnessed during the pandemic. Many experts see it as China’s largest e-commerce enterprise. Future growth may be less robust, but shares are still inexpensive. They’re now trading at 11.6 times 2022 earnings forecasts, which is a 54 percent discount to the stock’s five-year average forward price-earnings ratio of 25.1. Is it worth taking into account as the best stock market? Probably not but it’s close to the top indeed.

Financial stocks

With a market value of $315.9 billion and a dividend yield of 2.1% in the case of Bank of America alone, American financial market stocks are definitely among the best right now. Warren Buffett’s holding firm, Berkshire Hathaway, has a very diverse portfolio of holdings. The corporation holds 40 publicly listed equities, according to a recent report. Apple is by far its largest investment, accounting for nearly 46% of the stock portfolio, with Bank of America a close second. Given rising interest rates, financial firms might be among the best stocks to purchase in 2022. Bank of America, which is trading at just 12 times next year’s profits, appears to be particularly attractive in this case.

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