The Perfect Getaway From Home

The Perfect Getaway From Home

Looking for a great place to stay, but don’t want to pay all the usual high prices? Strawfields is perfect! All of our cottages are self contained and fully equipped.

We’re a small farming community with a lot of passion and energy, so we love to share it with others in the local area. We run a combination of day-trips, guided walks, communal events and tours – there’s something for everyone here!

Join us on this journey and experience some incredible places and experiences from an entirely different point of view. Stop by our farmhouse or cottage whenever you like – any time is fine – we’re always happy to welcome you! It’s also nice to be able to get away from the crowds for a bit as well! It’s great that this unique place is accessible from anywhere in the world so why not take advantage of it? Strawfields is a farmhouse, three cottages, shepherd huts and hobbit yurts – with a small rustic campsite – which we have lovingly restored and create out of love. We work as a family business with lots of friends helping us through each step. We grow fruit, vegetables and herbs. Our vision is to bring local food to people across Devon and beyond through our agricultural knowledge and skills

Cottages, smallholdings and woodland retreats for all budgets

We have a very limited number of cottages available and are only interested in excellent quality, modern to intermediate sized cottages which have been designed and build to strict A home away from home for you. Whether it’s for a weekend or extended period, we can accommodate your needs. No compromise on quality or style just personal attention to detail. You can read more about our website at or contact us if you need more information!

How many of your friends and family know where you live? Strawfields is an 8 acre smallholding consisting of our farmhouse, three cottages, shepherd huts, hobbit yurts and a very small rustic campsite. A fantastic location, hidden away in the beautiful North Devon countryside, yet only minutes drive from Tiverton. With Strawfields, you can make your life better! It’s not always easy living on a farm but with us everything gets done so that you can focus on what really matters! If you’re thinking about making your mark on the world, consider joining us at Strawfields today! It’s worth it – Strawfields will change your life forever!

Now we’ve had a look at what you have to offer us here at Strawfields we’d like to hear from you! We’re looking for someone who is passionate about the industry and willing to learn more about this fascinating world. If you think that’s you then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!

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