Looking for an experienced electrician for our Norway and Romanian projects. We require EQF (European Qualifications Framework) or equivalent electrical qualifications, so we can provide you with the best quality work.

Refresh AMS is looking for experienced electricians to join our team on a permanent or contract basis. If you are an experienced electrician and have a passion for working in Romania and Norway, please send your resume to


Start Your Successful Career in Automation with Refresh AMS

Join Refresh AMS Team – Experienced Electrician Norway & Romanian Projects. Electrical tasks will include the installation of insulation, wiring, devices, panels, termination, tagging and testing. We offer a range of electrical services to businesses, from installations and repairs to design and build. We only work with companies who hold EQF or equivalent qualifications.

We are experts in conveyors installation

Skills and Experiences

  • insulation
  • wiring
  • devices
  • panels
  • termination
  • tagging and testing. 
Contact: Refresh AMS Daily Agents contact@refreshams.co.uk +44 745 0299 667